Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Art House Studio Wish Book

If you receive the Art House Studio Newsletter you already know about this book - The Art House Studio Wish Book!!

Here's what it's for - Drop by the studio and write down your Christmas Wish List in our Wish Book and then send your loved ones here to pick something off the list to give to you for the holidays. No guess work involved!! No duplicate colours or tools..... just a thought :) It's here if you'd like to take advantage of it. THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA GIFT for one lucky person who creates a list and has someone purchase your gift from us. I'll draw a name from the eligible lists on Dec 27 -- It will be a nice boxing day surprise!! ...and quite possibly something from your list too! ...*wink wink* just sayin :)

And... yes, this is a real Golden Book. I found it in an Antique Shop (you can check out the Good Will too) and created the book by removing the spine and adding new lined paper to it before re-binding with my trusty Bind It All. I made some of these for my young niece to doodle in last Christmas, one for my daughter to take as a note book to school, they'd make great art journals too!! I have a Bind It All here in the studio. You are welcome to use it while here. Coils are $2 a strip of 24 loops. You can create a couple books with that! Studio fees remain the same - $6 for up to 3 hours studio time, $2/hour after that. Just give me a call to make sure there is a seat available for you! Love to see you here. They make GREAT Stocking Stuffers!

Have a creative day everyone!!

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