Friday, November 26, 2010

OMG!! I have 100 Followers!!! *Give a Way*

I must do something!!!!!!
So.... In honour of Donna Downey's and Claudine Hellmuth's upcoming visit to the Art House Studio I've decided to give away some of their "stuff".

All you have to do to win a prize pack that includes:
  • 4 Donna Downey Iron Ons
  • one of her Canvas Dress Form figures
  • and a Claudine Hellmuth "Creative Layers" Foam stamp set

is post a comment here about what you love most about the Art House Studio!! ..extra credit if you specifically say how much you love me! LOL ....just kidding *wink* I will be using the Random Number Generator to pick the winner!

Hope you're having a great day!!!!!!!!! Have fun!


Amber said...

My favourite thing is the Oshawa scrapfest aprons *wink*
my other favourite thing is the inspiration and creativity you share with us "inside the box" people

Pam B said...

Although I have only visited your store once I can tell it will be my favorite art shop to visit. I just gotta get there more often.
You carry a wonderful line of products. And yes your personality delights your customers.
Hoping to see you real soon! Pam Barnes

Tracey said...

Sorry to tell you this.....but it is YOU!!! Seriously Scrapfest would just NOT be the same without you!!!Thanks for always sharing your fun and energy with us at crop, and being so generous with our make and takes!! Hugs, TRace

Jeannie said...

I ♥ The Art House because of you - you help me to colour outside the lines! (and we get to have SC on Friday nights! :-)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Karen Sweetie...
How exciting is this giveaway. I love, love, love the aprons of course, but you my friend are the best part of popping over to The Art House Studio.

I thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win such a glorious package. Thanks for the crayon box, I know love coloring. *wink*

Have a beautiful evening sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Tolegranny said...

I wuv u...I wuv u....I do..I do...I do.. The first time I walked into your store, I was in awe. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was a place I always dreamed of. My kind of place.

Christine A said...

Okay my first time posting on the Blog - hope I do this right!! What do I love most about The Art Studio....two things actually :D

1) The Art Studio carries unique and exciting products that are not easily found in your local scrapbook and craft stores!

2) Truly it is Karen's sunny disposition and desire to share her talent and inspiration that makes it a pleasurable, fun shopping and creating experience. U rock Karen <3

Christine Armstrong

Wendy Gilbertson said...

Well Karen, this is the are the most outrageously creative person that I know. Your store (The Art House Studio) totally reflects that creativity, with such a wide variety of product in a "homey" atmosphere, where there is laughter and hugs to those of us who want them...... what more could a crafter want?

Barb said...

I love going to the Art House Studio, it is a great place to learn and play with new stuff. Karen is a great teacher too

Barb Kicksee

Anonymous said...

How excited are we to be taking classes with Donna Downey and how amazing are you to be orchestrating all of this for us! LOVE your store and your style. Deanna U

Claudia said... can I resit a challenge like that. I have to leave a comment cause you and your studio is one of the best motivators...........I never feel in a slump when I am there

100 eh? good for you

Pieces of Paper, Puppies and Life said...

>It is the comfortable feeling I get when I walk through your door!
>The cool "STUFF" you carry - and no one else does.
>Getting to see the world through your creative eyes (and mind).
>How you create and the excitement you have when you get an idea.
>It is how good I feel when I complete a project and can say - I never thought I would do that!!
>It is the Art House Studio and Karen Ellis!

monica said...

After getting to know you better... I'd have to say it's you. Your karisma draws people in, your creativity and offerings keeps us coming back.
Congrats on 100 followers...! Can't wait to post " I knew her when" it becomes 1000 ....!

Donna Madden said...

i love the art house!! as soon as i move to kitchener waterloo, it'll be my regular haunt. honest! and i can hardly wait-better than any store out here in bc or calgary!

Ethel said...

New web stuff is good. But I reallyyyyyy...miss being able to look at the scrapbook pages that people had done.

Paulette said...

I love the Art House Studio because I feel SO much joy when I enter! I am inspired and excited everytime I come in, to the point that I often verbally express my excitement with "OH MY GOD!!!" I love the Art House Studio because I find Karen inspiring and very encouraging. I have found a place to feed my soul and I believe discovering the Art hHuse Studio has truly improved my quality of life!!! I love you Karen! I am happier because of you!

Sue said...

One of my favourite places to go! I love the glimpse we get inside your creative mind and the fun stuff you help us build!! And I love just coming and hanging out!! You rock it my friend!

Rosanne said...

Congrats Karen! Love The Art House!

Cathy V. said...

Have yet to visit the Art House but I know from a few friends it is "THE I GOTTA GO THERE STORE" I'm really looking forward to my first visit! I did meet you a few years ago at Scrapfest Karen & love your creative motivate us all to try new techniques through your blog!

Kelly said...

I like that it is a fun and relaxing place to come and spend an afternoon! I also like all the messy and creative techniques you teach :)

Mindy said...

Clearly, it is YOU that makes the Studio a great place to get messy! I whole-heartedly agree with everyone else's sentiments about your charisma and creativity and laid-back nature. It makes the studio a fun place to be and learn and have fun.

kendall said...

I love how welcome you make everyone feel--coming to the studio is like hanging out at a friend's house, gabbing with the girls. I also love how I learn something new every time I come to a workshop--you always have creative and innovative ideas.

Keep up the good work!

charlotte said...

The inspiration on the walls and all through the store is what I love about the studio! Of course Karen is the light of the studio.......without her we would not have all of those fantastic goodies to choose from!!!! She makes all products come to life in her creative, amazing classes..... I only wish I lived a lot closer!

Michelle said...

The Art House has such a positive energy that makes it easy to create. It is small and intitmate and yet so large with ideas and creativity. To top it off it has you! Congrats on 100 followers!

Laura Haviland said...

Hi Karen,
Wow 100 followers,that is wonderful...Congrads to you.
There is so many things I love about the Art House Studio. First you are so out of the box fun and just always so willing to share your kindness.The first time meeting you was a moment,I will never forget.(your pretty eyes and bright smile)
Your store supplies are so current and has a great variety to suit everyone's needs.
It is such a positve and enjoyable shopping experience.
Your creative art is so inspirational,you are such a talented lady !!! What a amazing teacher too,so much to learn from you.
Looking forward to visiting again soon.
Well I think that shares my love for you fabulousart store,I could go on forever.. LOL
Best wishes, Hugs Laura. xoxx

Cheryl said...

What's not to love! Karen you are awesome and you make and sell awesome things. I love seeing all the wonderful inspiration and playing with all these fun things. I'm glad there are vendors like you out there who make it all fun!

Anonymous said...

I love my new stamps from you! Having so much fun with them.

I also love our (Fey & I) random visits. I hope that we can soon make it in for some studio hours. Would LOVE that!