Monday, August 30, 2010

Technique of the Month Club

WOW!!! Where has the summer gone!? The next Technique of the Month Club "meeting" is THIS Wednesday, September 1.

This month we will be creating something inspired by Cathe Holden's Wire Nest Pendant. It is a bird's nest made with wire and beads that you can create for a necklace or to decorate cards, decor items and mixed media projects. It's an introduction to wire for when we get into making jewelry, etc (as I know that's something of interest for many of you). PLEASE BRING needle nosed or round nosed pliers. And don't worry -- this is not difficult at all - it will introduce you to the world of wire wrapping without needing to be precise or perfect. Looking forward to it.

I will be running a technique of the month club this Wednesday, and if there is enough interest, next Wednesday as well (after the long weekend).

If you'd like to join us, please let me know which day works best for you. The class will run, as usual - 7pm - about 8:30 and is $10 (plus HST). All are welcome!! contact Karen to reserve your space

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