Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm so proud!! AND inspired!

I was privileged to instruct a wonderfully creative group of ladies in the studio today -- the subject .... textured canvases!! WOW!! Stunning work ladies!!

Each canvas was as unique as the woman creating it.

I showed them all how to use Light Molding Paste to create the initial texture on our canvas, stamp in it, etch in it... then ... the BIG thing -- blending paints right on the canvas!! YAY Way to go girls. I know that took guts. You did a great job!!

From there we used some of Claudine Hellmuth's Matte Medium to adhere the papers chosen for the canvas. And when I say papers... I mean paperS! Scrapbook paper, napkins (decorated and someone even used their McDonalds napkin too), tissue paper, dress patterns, paper bags - you name it, it was used. How FANTASTIC!!

The girls used some Golden Bead Gel to add some additional texture to their pieces. It goes on white but will dry clear... PLEASE send me final pics ladies. Love to see them cause their stunning!

Proof's in the puddin.....

Thanks for a GREAT day ladies!! You're very inspiring!!

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