Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He's an Artist!!

This is Kevin's art.
He likes to play with Fractals.'s a geeky thing :)
Anyway, he entered this in a contest and won. His design "fractal flame" will be the cover of an upcoming Math Text (probably post secondary) - I'm so proud. He's had writing published but never his art! hehehehheee... it must run in the family!

Kevin found out that he won the cover contest today which also happens to be our 15th Wedding Anniversay. So -- Happy Anniversary, hun. And Congrats!!!!


Sue said...

Way to go, Kevin! That's awesome! And Happy Anniversary to both of you!!

Laura Haviland said...

How wonderful for hubby Kevin.
I can see why he won,that is the coolest art !!! I love it...
I just learned about you from Catherine Moore,I have a huge passion for creating art paper dolls. I have posted the new CC die cut crinoline on my blog today. It looks so fabulous !!!
I love your blog and don't live to far from you.
Glad to find you.
my e-mail:
Have a great day,Hugs Laura.xoxx

Claudia said...

Happy Anniversary Karen......Luke and I just celebrated our 15th too.......congrats, and love the new hair!!!