Saturday, August 07, 2010

August Cards

Well, yes, they are a little tardy in being announced BUT good things are worth the wait? right? *smile*

These are the 4 cards that will be available to take in the studio this month. Let me know if and when you 'd like to come in to create them and I'll start up a class time. You are welcome to come in any time we're open as long as another class, crop or workshop isn't happening at the time. Have a group who would like to come in to the studio after hours... we can do that too. Just ask.

Cards are $20 -- Create all or your selection of them ... and make multiple cards! You are welcome to create as many cards as you'd like in the 2.5 hour workshop.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Call 519 954 6620 to register or email


Sue said...

Ooohhh...I like them!! I might have to come check them out in person!!

Mindy said...

They are prettier in person, Sue. We should do them together!

Karen Ellis said...

Glad you like them! Hope to see ya. Just let me know when :)