Monday, August 24, 2009

Dollar Store Bonanza

We had another fantastic meeting of the dollar store club last week -- and I promised I would show you pictures! 8 Ladies join us this month..... The task?? To choose something from the dollar store and make something with it. Wanna see what they made?
Sheri took a pre-made Scrapbook layout that she purchased at the Dollar Store (far left of picture) and took it "apart" to make her own creation (right of picture) by adding a few additional scraps and elements. So pretty -- who would have thought!

Kelly altered a wooden box to store her clothes pins. Very cute! -- LOVE the little clothes! You go girl!

Leanne created this beautiful sea glass frame. complete with shells from the dollar store and some glass bead gel too!! So pretty, Leanne. Yes, we have some talented ladies in this group!!!!

We also have women who have been inspired to step so far out of their boxes it's inspiring!!
Just take a look at these!
Donna's bikini wonder .... and....

Barb's butterfly beach bag complete with attached drinking apparatus :) hehe.... These two ladies had FUN creating these!! I loved how they mixed sand and glitter and lots of found objects to create something fun! YAY!!! Can't wait to see what you play with next month!

Next month the ladies will be playing with shadow boxes. We meet on September 9 for fun and projects. Looking forward to it!