Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A little Sticky-Back flower action

Thanks Wendy Vecchi... your blog entry inspired me.

Wendy created super cute roses with her stamps and Grunge Board for the Ranger Booth at CHA. Yesterday she posted how to create the roses...... and that got me thinking. I have a project (a top secret project) on the go right now that would really benefit from some super cute 3D roses -- but I thought the grunge board (although a FABULOUS idea) might be too "heavy" for it. So my thinker thought, and thought some more and almost like a bolt of lightening it thought -- STICKY-BACK CANVAS! That would work! It's sticky - eliminating the need for glue. It's textured - blending inks on it provides a nice soft texture. It's moldable - giving me flexibility that will be needed... yep I'm trying it.

I love it!

These little things are super addicting.

If you haven't taken a peek at the tutorial on her blog yet, please do. She describes the process really well. I didn't use stamps, I hand drew the flowers but that's okay. It provided the opportunity the create different sizes which is cool. I did use three different background stamps to embellish the flowers though :) Love how that turned out.

I did go one step further -- my artistic license *wink*. I wanted a wet/frosted look for said top secret project so I brushed on some Distress Stickles for that sugary look and then brushed some pearl Perfect Pearls on them to achieve my desired effect.

Whatcha think??
I can't get over how often my creating takes me back to the sticky-back canvas! It's becoming quite the staple in my studio. I will be in the studio the week of August 15 - 21. I'll bring these home with me... cause I think the dollar store club might just be trying this! *nudge nudge, wink wink* give me a shout and come by and see for yourself!
I have a card idea buzzing around my head... I think tomorrow I will make a Card Cookout Card using these too ...
The Next Card Cookout is SATURDAY AUGUST 15th 11:30 - 2. contact the studio (519) 954 6620) or send me a quick email to let me know if you are coming. Space is limited. I will be cropping after so the studio will be OPEN UNTIL (at least) 9PM on Saturday the 15th. Love to see you!