Sunday, July 20, 2008

More CHA Updates to come BUT.....

Guess who I saw today??
Some Go Scrapping Store Sponsors!!!

Kim from The Scrapping Bug and Stunning ladies from Scrapbook and Cards Today :) :


Lori from Memory Mill checking out the Copic Pens:


And here's Elizabeth from A Scrapbookers Dream ... who had to take a picture with Jon :) hehe...


I went out to dinners and spent some ordering times with Lucy and Stephanie from Simply Scrapping -- I only have pictures of them at dinner, not at the show (Strange but true) and since I don't think Lucy wanted her big juicy meal on the blog (hehe) I won't paste it here.

I also saw Lori and Hannah from the Scrapping Turtle, Joanne, Donna and Yvonne from The Learning Factory, the fabulous gals from Sweetie Pea Designs.

Lets just say there is lots of GREAT things coming to a store near you!!!
I will Blog Some more about the show later... There is just so much to post and I am "fading fast" :)

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Anonymous said...

sounds like an INCREDIBLE time!!!!