Friday, July 18, 2008

CHA is Here!!!

It is 8:07am local time and I am eagerly anticipating the opening of CHA's Summer Show 2008.

I arrived yesterday morning and was able to take a couple of FABULOUS Classes.
The first class was with my new friend Trisha Ladoceur and her Primadonna Partner:) doing a FABULOUS Build A Book.

I also had the opportunity to take a class by the gals at Piggy Tales. What lovely girls -- such a welcome group of people that own this company. And their stuff is so cute.

We worked on this project using their Drawbridge Board Books. The pages flip up, down and out and close so perfectly. I think these will be a hit for them FOR SURE.

Guess who came into the class at the end of our work time -- Catherine and Kerry from Scrapbook and Cards today!!! How great it was to see them! They passed out a copy of their latest issue and told the store owners in the class about the book and how it works -- FREE TO YOU the Consumer!! :) You should have seen their eyes light up! That's soooo great! Congrats Catherine and Kerry! Can't wait to see how your mag keeps growing!

I enjoyed a taste of Rosemount after my classes. I big selection of local restaurants came to the convention centre and offered free samples of their delicacies :) Yum Yum.... What a great touch. Then it was off to the launch party for SEI. They have some yummy stuff!! I couldn't get to the samples with a camera easily or I would have taken pics. I will see about taking pics at their booth later. I hope they are good with that!!!

It is now 8:36 local time here.... Off to get the shuttle for the show opening! Yippee!! I will post highlights later today!

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Rosanne said...

What great books! Have a great time at CHA!