Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We had some fun in the studio on Saturday!

Tina came in to sew her rag quilt together.   She printed her fabric last week and Saturday was the big sewing day.   She has a secret -- She hadn't sewn before!!  Didn't she do a fantastic job!!?!!

And Gord was in reviving an older class of mine, Plastered Luminescence.  He carved a plastered wood panel and then painted it with ColourArte Silks!   SOOOOO awesome.  The picture on the left is of him sealing his work with self leveling gel.  The picture on the right is his finished project.   Look Cathy...  someone got out his old stained glass patterns for this project!  *wink*

Deanna was in printing fabric as well - can't believe I didn't snap a pic or two of her work cause it was gorgeous too!

Hope you all had a creative weekend and that we see you in the studio again soon!!

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