Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Free Motion Quilting ... and painting on Ustream

I love Free Motion Quilting and we had a fun time practicing on Ustream last Thursday night here at the studio.

I enrolled in Alma Stoller's Stitched online workshop this year -- right up my alley and a fabulous way to explore mixed media with fabric.   I can't wait to play with this ideas while still adding a little Karen touches to them :)   Makes me smile!

There is a lot of Free Motion stitching in these workshops so I thought I'd practice a little on Ustream.  During the recording, I stitched a flower motif (pictured above) and then painted it with SoSoft Fabric Paints and Inktense Pencils.  Once the recording was switched off, I continued quilting fabric "sandwiches" in various stitching styles for a little practice.  Thanks for joining me LIVE on Thursday night and for those of you watching the recording...  I hope you enjoy and be inspired to play too!  If you join Alma's Stitched workshop....  I'll see you in the chat rooms!

Supplies used
Swatches of natural colour Cotton fabric to make "fabric sandwiches"
Cotton Batten lining for the "sandwich filling"
Machine Quilting Gloves
Blue Thread
Sewing Machine Used:  Brother NS85e (also available for purchase in the studio
Free Motion Quilting Foot:  Brother SA129
SoSoft Fabric Paints
Inktense Pencils

Have a creative day!!!


Sandra in WA USA said...

This is beautiful!!!!! I used to do free motion embroidery on my little ELna lotus TSP back in the 1970s and did it for years till I got an embroidery machine.

Now I want to do this again. I have a Brother and really appreciated your information on the foot you used. Did you use a particular needle type? Loved the tip about using the pushbutton start instead of the pedal.

Karen Ellis said...

HI there so glad you liked this and it's inspired to you to sew again. To answer your question... use the needle type appropriate for your fabric. Have FUN!!