Saturday, October 04, 2014

From a Stamp to an Embroidered Image - Using the new Brother Dream Machine

I am so excited to have the new Brother XV8500D - the Dream Machine - arrive in the studio.   There are over 100 things this machine can do but one I am extra super excited about is the new scan and embroider feature.  YES!!!  You can now scan in your stamps, doodles, line art, illustrations, etc and create an file in just a couple steps.  This boggles my mind and I had to play!

I mentioned this new feature to Catherine Scanlon when she was here a couple of weeks ago and told her I was dying to try this with some of her stamps so it's only fitting that my first project on the machine is using one of her stamps from Art Gone Wild.  The card to your left was created live on USTREAM Thursday night.   The flower image is one of Catherine's stamps embroidered on a fleece backed piece of muslin and then painted with Derwent Inktense Pencils.   LOVE!!!  To see how this was done...  be sure to scroll down to watch the recording of the broadcast.

Since I was unable to broadcast the process involved to create the embroidery, I thought I'd step it out here.  The entire process, including the embroidery for this card took 5 mins!   Yes!!   I told you it's mind boggling.  My head is spinning with possibility.

Here's how it's done:

Turn on the Dream Machine and Select Embroidery on the home page.  Once in the Embroidery area, select MY DESIGN CENTER to get to the main design screen.

Stamp your image onto a flat card and fasten to the scanning hoop with the green magnets provided then load the hoop into the machine.
Press the Scan/Import Button and then select SCAN, then OK, and the machine will automatically scan the hoop surface.

Once Scanned, press LINE to select the line art function. (no fill)

Drag the Red Box Frame to that it surrounds your image to capture it. Press OK twice

Press SIZE and using the arrows on the screen, reduce or enlarge the size of your image as desired. Once finished, Press OK then SET
If there are any lines you would like to erase (or anything you'd like to add), this screen is where you would do that.  When done, press PREVIEW

Select stitch type - in this case, single line embroidery (middle button as shown).  OK twice

Slide out your scanning hoop and slide in your prepared embroidery hoop.  For this project I layered Sulky Tear-Away Stabilizer, High Loft Fleece and some natural muslin.

Center your image on your hoop.  Press the Camera Icon and then OK. The machine will read what's on your hoop and show it on your screen.   Using your finger or stylus, move your image in place.  Then select EMBROIDERY

 With the pressure foot in the down position, press the green start button and the machine will begin embroidering your image on the hoop.
 Voila!   It's ready to remove from the hoop and paint!
So much fun....
I had to do more......
Hope Catherine likes her HAPPY MAIL to arrive soon *wink*
...and yes, 
that is yarn couching, 
and automatic stippling.....   
Oh yes, I think I like it!   

This thank you card was also created on ustream using the Dream Machine and some Derwent Inktense Pencils.  I will be forwarding it on to Quilts of Valour (QOV) so they can use it to thank the generous people who create quilts for our injured Canadian soldier and our Veterans.  Please feel free to watch me colour this card recorded live, in real time on  And be sure to check out the QOV website for more information on their organization.

Have a creative day!!

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