Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Canada D'eh! .... celebrate with Christy Riopel and I AND some Sharpies!

Here's a little something fun for the summer!
Christy Riopel and I will be posting 3 "Creative Crossover" inspirational projects on how we use our supplies in our art and various crafting projects.  These projects will be summer inspired and will be posted on our blogs on the first of the month - July, August and September.  We hope you join us, try out some of the projects and have an artful summer!t

This month is about the Sharpie...  and if you are a faithful Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine subscriber, you may already know that my article in the current issue of the magazine features some of my work with a Sharpie - Oil, Fabric and Permanent Sharpies!  Be sure to check it out!

Here's a festive way you can use your OIL SHARPIES!!!!   Happy Canada D'eh!  ... I couldn't resist the play on words.   *giggles*
I love fun personalized mugs!   I've made a few up quickly as a gag gifts and just for something fun to do.  The kid gets a kick out of them!  Oil sharpies are made for porcelain and glass so they work perfect with non-porous items.   Here's the trick -- to heat "set" your mugs to make them washer safe, place your mug in a cool oven, heat it to 400F and leave on for 40 mins. Let cool in the oven and remove when room temp.    All set!

....and the glasses...  I didn't and wouldn't worry about heat setting these - they are plastic after all and will melt!!   The oil sharpie will dry and not smudge for this use.   Just go ahead and write, doodle and play with your oil sharpies on the plastic.    Can't wait to wear these at our local Canada Day celebration today!!!

While at the Dollar Store, I picked up a few felt flowers to decorate the studio this summer.    

I couldn't leave them alone!   I used the Stained by Sharpie markers to doodle on the felt. These are fabric ink markers and, because of the type of ink, they don't bleed/run on fabric resulting is clean crisp lines even on felt!

I just added a small button to the center of the flowers and secured them in a small dish (also from the Dollar Store).   Something bright, happy and cheerful for our shelves!

Be sure to drop on by Christy's blog-- she used the permanent Sharpies in her art journaling!!!! 

AND....   be sure to check back here in a couple of weeks...I have another Sharpie project to post!

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