Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Creating a Custom Alpha Stencil with ScanNCut Canvas

Hi all!
I had a customer ask me to cut a custom alpha stencil for a wall project that she was doing at home.  She wanted a certain font at a certain size and was having trouble finding it so I told her to email me the file she wanted to create in the font she wanted and I would cut it out on the ScanNCut for her.

I printed her file out onto printer paper when I received it and scanned the "image" with the ScanNCut -- saving it to a USB.   I then took the USB to my computer and made it into a stencil friendly file with ScanNCut Canvas - Brother's online file editing program for the ScanNCut Machine.

The video below explains how and why I did that...  enjoy!!  And have fun with your ScanNCut machine! I know I do *wink*

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