Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gelli Print Appliqué Accent Pillow

Hi everyone!   I had fun with this project and, although we recorded only part of it during the USTREAM broadcast, I did complete this project live via ustream last Thursday night.  Thanks to all those who joined me live for the fun! *wink*

I had doodled a simple floral design with my Stained by Sharpie pens on a piece of canvas (cut to 14x14 pillow size) a few weeks ago fully planning to appliqué some fabric pieces to it.   I didn't get a chance to do that and THEN saw a post on the Gelli Arts Blog about printing directly onto fusible interfacing and I got really excited.

I scanned my doodled canvas, printed it out and then traced the images I wanted cut with a brush tip Sharpie.  I did this because I knew that scanning the canvas would create a lot of "noise" on the image making it difficult for the ScanNCut machine to identify the lines I actually wanted to cut.   Once it was traced, I scanned it in the ScanNCut machine and saved it on a USB stick.  For there, I created and arranged the cut files on Brother's ScanNCut Canvas site.  Love that site!!   It really opens up the cutting capabilities of the ScanNCut Machine!

Next, I monoprinted in the colour schemes I wanted on 4 different pieces of Heat N Bond Fusible Interfacing (heavy).   Love how they turned out -- the texture is fun!  Almost like printing on coffee filters but much stronger!

Once the fusible interfacing was printed, I placed the 4 colours on my ScanNCut mat and cut the itty bitty shapes required for the pillow project.   I love that I didn't have to hand cut all those little pieces!!!

With an hot iron, I ironed the fusible interfacing to the pillow.   Easy Peasy and so darn cute!

Now it's time to SEW!!
I used my Brother NX450Q for this project.  This machine is my go-to machine for these types of projects because I love how it works, threads, cuts threads (very important in my world), and is portable to move from desk to desk or crop to crop.

I attached the Free Motion Quilting Foot SA129 and stitched around the pieces I appliquéd and did some decorative "swirls" too in a matching thread colour.

I attached a zipper to the bottom of the pillow and straight stitched around the pillow (with right sides facing, of course).

All that's left to do is turn it right side out and fill it with a 14x14 Pillow Form.  I don't sell those here as regular stock (I can get them though...).  I just happened to have one in the back waiting to use! *wink*

Supplies Used
Canvas (from my local fabric store)
Stained by Sharpie markers - assorted colours
Fusible Interfacing - Heat N Bond
Acrylic Paints - USArtQuest 
Gelli Printing Plate 8x10 - Gelli Arts
4" Soft Brayer - Speedball
Catalyst Tools - Princeton (for mark making on the Gelli Plate)
Iron & Ironing Board

BROTHER PRODUCTS USED and for purchase at the Art House Studio
ScanNCut Machine (CM550DX)
Sewing Machine (NX450Q)
Free Motion Quilting Foot (SA129)

Love how this turned out!  
I hope you create one too!  Have a creative day!

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