Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Little Dresses for Africa

One of Cassia's
Little Dresses for Africa
My friend Cassia posted some pictures of some little pillow case dresses she made for the charity - Little Dresses for Africa.  I fell in love and immediately wanted to create some too!

I haven't been able to make these yet BUT I thought - what a wonderful thing to do here in the studio on a "quiet" day before the holidays.  So -- if you'd like to join me, bring your sewing machine, some pillow cases and some other materials to the studio on Friday December 20 and we can create together.   I'll provide refreshments and take care of the shipping of any dresses made here that day.   No studio fees will be charged  -- just come on out and have some fun!  I'll be sewing all day .. we open at 11am.

Here is a link with instructions on how to make and size the dresses

Let me know if you are planning to come so I can make sure you have a table to create on.   Happy Dress Making!


Norina said...


What a wonderful idea!! I'll be there on the 20th.


Linda Kittmer said...

Karen, this is an awesome idea. I'd love to join you. I've got some cotton fabric to donate too, for people that might not have pretty pillowcases.