Saturday, January 07, 2012

Buntings 2 Ways - USTREAM recap

Hello all...
Thank you for joining me last night on USTREAM. It was an interesting one*smile*

I was creating buntings to hang in my studio window next month for Valentines and our Customer Appreciation Day (more to come on that). One was painted scraps of canvas. The other was crocheted. Yes, I did an impromptu crochet class on USTREAM last night. Who knew? *smile* I suppose you never quite know what will be on my desk on a Friday night in the studio.

Here are the pics.
This is how the canvas Hearts turned out.
LOVE that I decided to sew them with the sewing machine instead of hand stitching them. I think they look perfect! I will clip them to a string with a paperclip when I hang them in the window. See... I have already strung some baker's twine on a few to attach them with. Fabulous.

Here is the crocheted bunting.
I do like the orange chain that I will string the hearts with - it will be visible in my window in that colour. If I change it, it will be to a plum colour. We shall see! Loving me some crochet lately!
Have a creative weekend everyone!
I posted workshops 1-5 on the Mixed Minded site this week. If you haven't already, be sure to check them out. Its going to be a FANTASTIC event! I'm so excited. More classes will be posted Tuesday....

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