Monday, July 26, 2010

My Day in ChiTown

I (finally) had the opportunity to actually SEE Chicago while here for CHA. I took the excuse to bring my camera and take pictures - just for the fun of taking pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love architecture!! And let me tell you, Chicago is a fabulous place to admire it! I spent my afternoon on a walking tour guided by the Chicago Architecture Foundation and learned lots. If you are ever in Chicago, I HIGHLY recommend taking one of their many tours!! Very rewarding.

I could show you many photos of building I took in "the loop" but I won't bore you with my passions *wink* ... but I can't resist just one for no other reason than its pretty! hehe

I also took some time to stop by Millennium park.
LOVED THIS. Never seen anything like it before. Two glass block tower water features flanking a "splash pad". On the towers were moving images of people and every few minutes they "spit" water to the waiting crowd below. OMG How fun!
I was mesmerized!!
Millennium Park is next to the Art Institute (which I didn't get to see today ... BOOOOO... I suppose I must make another trip *wink*) so I had to take a photo of those famous Lions flanking the entrance. Spectacular!

But even MORE FUN.....
I was walking on State St (near Randolph I think) and I looked up to see the Joffrey Ballet Company sign. Ooooo.... Ahhhhh...
Now look in the third floor windows. You can see those famous ballerinas practicing. *shock* ... I picked up my jaw from the sidewalk and snapped a couple of photos. Seeeeeeeee...???? Loving this city!!!
Well, what can I say?
All this and buildings like this too.......
What's not to love?
Bring on CHA!!


Jennie said...

bring it on! one city in the USA I haven't visited yet.. love the ballerinas pciture :))

Jeannie said...

Hi Karen ... how exciting! I loved Chicago ... very windy, eh?!! (gotta get that Canadian part in) The buildings were spectacular ... I remember being mesmerized by them.
Did you go in the Sears Tower? I also remember everyone always being in a hurry ... and lots of car horn honking. Good to hear you're having a great time. Wish I was with you :-)
Enjoy, j

Anonymous said...

Loved Chicago too...all along the lake especially....your shots are so neat...the water spitting is hilarious...keep sending!!
Brenda in Kit

Kelly said...

That water spitting thing is funny! It sounds like you are having a great time!