Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Bunch of Dead Math Dudes.....

LOL... Now, never in a million years would I have thought that this would be my blog title! But then again, you know I try never to say never!!

Last night the Dollar Store Club met.

We were challenged by Kelly to use something from the "kids aisle" ... so off I trotted to my local Dollar Store and started looking at the selection.
My eyes went right to the Rubic's cubes -- and I immediately thought of my darling hubby *wink*. My hubby, for those who don't know him, is a true self-professed GEEK! *big smile*. He develops math software for a company here in Waterloo and is all about puzzles and general geekdom sooooooooooo I just had to create a little something for him!

Perhaps his geekdom is rubbing off on me but .... when I look at a rubics cube I think of math and geeks like him. My first thought -- doing something along the lines of "the Six sides of Sheldon" and adhering 6 fun little images of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory to each side of the cube -- BUT I opted to showcase 6 famous dead math dudes -- all Kevin's heroes in one way or another! And this is what I came up with: Einstein, Babbage, Cauchy, Pascal, Newton, & Turing

Kevin loved it.... I might even let him take it to the geek farm (aka work) to show it off. In case you were wondering -- that number 26 you see... that is "God's Number" for the Rubics Cube. Apparently, you can perfectly solve a Rubics Cube in 26 moves - or so says some big computer. Sheldon would be so proud!! :)


Hels Sheridan said...

Fab altered the designs....and what a great way to use the Rubik cube...I have one lurking in the cupboard somewhere..never been able to solve it LOL

Karen Ellis said...

lol... me neither! I used to pull the little sticker thingies off the cube and put them in the "right" spots to finish it! LOL I'm such a genius!!

Artyjen said...

Great art! Same here, I also have a cube that has never been back to it's original state!!! LOL