Friday, May 29, 2009

So You Think You Can.... Journal?

Hello Bloggers!
Just to keep the trend going... I did another layout yesterday :) hehe

This one: A Day in Banff.
Since you all know where my mind is lately (hehe) .. It shouldn't surprise you that the layout is about my dad. This "day in Banff" is one of my most cherished father/daughter days ever. Well... at least as an adult. We had the absolute best day and I have been meaning to scrap it ever since -- no time like the present!!

Characteristic of my scrapping style, I journaled on a large page at the back of this layout. Many times I hide my journaling on the front of the page or even write it right on the photos BUT I had a lot to say so I attached it to the back of this creation.

My scrappy note here -- always be sure to journal! Even if you don't think the composition warrants a lot of writing (that it will take away from the layout or the kit didn't leave enough room to say what you wanted to say...) write something on the back!! Don't be scared to do it!! You will never be sorry you did.

There are reasons you take the time to create each layout.
Most of the joy I get from this hobby isn't just in the creating (although those who know me know that I do like to get messy :) ), or even the documenting and reflecting on the events... The most joy I get is discovering and telling the emotion behind it: what drew me to that photo, why I wanted to do something special with it, what it means to me. Later in life you or your loved ones can look at your layouts and see not just the photos and the events... but a little piece of your soul -- by journaling your thoughts, your albums (no matter the subject) become the ultimate book of me.

Try it! I think you'll love it!

Wow.. that was deep. On another note -- did you catch SYTYCD last night?? OMG I think I saw my hubby "dueling" on stage. If you saw it, you will know what I mean. Are you getting a visual?? Welcome to my reality! Is there any wonder we don't get into dancing situations much? hehe

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