Friday, May 08, 2009

Mother's Day UTEE Pendants and StickyBack Beads..

Okay.. I promised I would show you a picture of what I did in the studio yesterday (now that my mother doesn't have Internet access....).

I created a UTEE Pendant and hand-rolled beads for my mother's Mothers Day necklace and then I loved it so much, I created one for myself! :) I might just have to make a few more -- cause they were fun! Michelle and Sue were creating in the Studio yesterday too -- and Stephen from next door came by joking about when "Go Scrapping Jewelry" will be on the market ... hummmmm ?? hehe. Here are the two that I created [left image]. Not the best photo but you get the idea.

The second image is a closer shot of my guardian angel...
I had fun! :)
I am going to do some bookwork today .... BUT... I will put that away this afternoon to do some more creating. I have a few fun ideas that I want to try so (non-jewelry) so pop by the studio to see and say hi and/or check out the blog tomorrow. I will fill you in on my antics! :)


jenn said...

are you there tonight??? I want to do this too!!! I could come down ???? call me :)

Karen Ellis said...

yep... I will be there late tonight. Come on by! Love to see you !!

Jillian said...

Holy Heck! These are stunning Karen!! I'm very impressed!!