Saturday, May 09, 2009

G'day Blog people!
I had a great, creative day at the studio yesterday -- I waxed and made messes until about 10pm last night. All was right in my world :)

I was totally inspired by a project I saw on Suze Weinberg's blog the other day and thought.. oh yeah - I need to do that. So, out came the alcohol inks and the wax ... the rest as they say is history :)

This is what I started with -- a few drops of Alcohol Ink on Clayboard. oooohhh purdy.... and then I did a few layers of wax on it... fusing the wax with my heat gun between layers.
more collective ooooos and aaaahhhhhs please :) hehe

And then... came the fun layer stuff. I stamped on it, waxed strips of paper on the canvas and then pulled it off to create texture. .. I also waxed a photo of lots of doors on it and made it a house :)... I just had fun.
I'm not totally sure if I am perfectly happy with the outcome BUT that's one of the great things about using wax -- I can just melt it off and start again. No worries -- gotta love it!
I think I will keep it hanging in the studio and decide what it "needs" later. :) Perhaps a little more texture in the top left side of the canvas ... hummmmmmm.....

Michelle came in yesterday with the wax canvas she created. It looks STUNNING. Michelle rented the melting pot and stylus from me for one night so that she could finish her creation at home. I saw her eyeing up the pots and stylus when she brought it back ... is she hooked yet?? :)

YES!! You read that right. I do rent out my tools on a nightly basis. If you are interested in trying things out before making an investment in a new item, give me a call. I am sure we can help you out! That goes for our stamps too!!

I will be heading to our family trailer in a few minutes for the rest of the weekend so I will not be able to blog until at least Monday night. Have a GREAT weekend. I have some things to share on the blog when I get back.... Blog again soon!!

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