Thursday, May 07, 2009

Melt Art fun at the Dollar Store Club

Good morning blog people!

Last night was the first Wednesday night of the month which means it was the meeting of the dollar store club. We missed two people yesterday who were not able to join us ...but... we also welcomed two new members! Welcome Sue and Judy! We loved having you there.

Judy, Kelly, Leanne and I showed off our glasses case projects (and I showed off Rosanne's Coupon Case by proxy image [left]:) ). I wish I had a little more time to work on mine but I loved how the beeswax fused and "finished" the paper I embedded into it. Feels almost silky [right image] :)

I do have some pictures of us using melted UTEE to make fun pendents for necklaces and bracelets and or embellishments for our projects. Too cool.

We printed off some great clipart images from the Internet and cut them into squares to fit a silicone truffle tray I had in my "tickle truck" and then placed them face up in the bottom of the tray. I showed the girls how to pour melted UTEE into the tray and then embed some bling and beads into it to add a little pizazz. I got the girls to trim their piece before the UTEE hardened and add a "o" pin to it so it can be attached to a chain for a necklace. Here are a couple I played with:

I got out the Sticky-back Canvas and showed the ladies how to ink it, roll it, and "muck" it up with UTEE, beads, Perfect Pearls and even Angelina to create some fabulous hand-rolled canvas beads to accent our pendants. I love it! Here are a couple of pics of the girls attaching their beads to a necklace chain....
I am going to make something for my mother for mother's day. I will post it here tomorrow for you to see. My Mom is going to the trailer in the morning so I know she won't have Internet access to spoil the surprise. I'll let you know what I come up with.
It you are interested in the Melting Pots and UTEE... stop on in today.. The pots will be on and the UTEE melted!!!
Next month's Dollar Store Club item is this fun Watering Can. Looking forward to seeing what the girls do with this. I have some ideas in the making already and can't wait to get started!


Rosanne said...

Wow, your case looks awesome :)and what a great technique I missed:( The watering can will be interesting to work with! See you next month!

Marie Reed said...

I just fel upon your pendant tutorial! That looks easy peasy and it turned out just beautifully! UTEE is an interesting product!