Friday, November 14, 2008

A Sign, A Sign

It's official!!! I am legit! :) The Go Scrapping Studio got it's sign.
Seeeeeeee... Isn't it purdy??

I am so excited! Let the phones start ringing and let people find me easily! Hallelujah!

So... just to re-cap, Go Scrapping Studio has a sign. And, if you are traveling North on Lancaster you will see this:

Collective "Oooohs and Aweeeees" please :)
AND, you guessed it - If you are traveling South on Lancaster you will see this:

Thank you. This ends this Public Service Announcement!


Mindy said...

Ooohhh... aahhh... and thank you for posting both perspectives from south and north.. I never would have figured it out! :)

Karen said...

Just looking after your best interests!! :)

Tracey said...

ooooohhhh......aaaaaaaahhhhh....the sign looks fabulous Karen!

Jules said...

Looks awesome Karen...woohoo!!!

CraftE-Blog said...

I may have missed it...what is the address of your store?

Karen said...

The Studio address is on the Blog... top right side.

591 Lancaster St W
Kitchener ON N2K 1M5
519 954 8820