Friday, August 14, 2015

My "Wee Flakes" are making me laugh!

 Good Morning everyone!
I had a great evening last night broadcasting live on USTREAM.

In case you missed it (the broadcast was not recorded...) I had lots of fun with the gals creating some CROCHET SNOWFLAKES for the Crochet Crowd's display for the CreativFestival this October.   The Crochet Crowd always creates an elaborate and inspirational booth - this year it's Christmas themed....   These snowflakes?  They are for an igloo they're creating.   Can't wait to see it.   So happy to participate!

If you follow the Crochet Crowd or me on Facebook you may have seen this live video posted on Tuesday when I went to the Spinrite Tent Sale in Listowel to pick up some white yarn so I could make these babies.

Posted by The Crochet Crowd on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gotta have fun, right??
On that note -- and with the girl's encouragement (twisting my rubber arm) I created some smaller pieces with thinner cotton and a smaller hook.   Snowflakes that I can wear at the show.  The issue??  I only had yellow variegated yarn -- Solution...  yes, you guessed it.  Yellow. Snow. Flakes....    Bwahhahahahah...   "wee" flakes.   I'm going to make a wearable with these and add a dog charm to them.  Let's see how long it takes people to spot them at the show!!   *wink*   Best yet -- we'll see who has the courage to say something!   HAHA.

Thanks for a great broadcast and for those wanting the pattern.   Here is the link to the free pattern "Simple Snowflake" courtesy of the Crochet Crowd.

Link to FREE SNOWFLAKE pattern and video tutorial by the Crochet Crowd.

Be sure to do something Creative today,...   and have a little FUN!

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