Saturday, August 22, 2015

Doodle myself a patch? Why not??

So, today I had a little play time with my Brother Sewing machine and some Inktense Blocks from Derwent.   I thought I'd try my hand at making a patch using some of my own doodles!

I do LOVE the Brother Dream Machine -- if the sewing wasn't enough, the scanning feature for embroidery puts it over the top with FUN!  I started my day by doodling on a plain piece of paper then I scanned that doodle into the sewing machine to create an embroidery file!!   Don't you just LOVE technology?
Embroidering my Doodle with the Dream Machine - Brother 8500D
I made my file into a patch with the press of a button and then when it was done (14 minutes start to finish embroidery, BTW) I used some Fray Stop along the patch border and painted the flowers with Inktense while it dried.   When the Fray Stop dried, I cut it out with some sharp fabric scissors - isn't it cute??

Instead of adding some Heat N Bond to the back of the patch to make it into an iron on...   I thought I'd stitch a couple strands of tarn to it and make it a bib necklace for me to wear in the studio and at the shows.  I'm still giggling!

Fun day experimenting with some of the stuff here in the studio!   Bring on the patches.....!!

and come into the studio to check out the Brother 8500D!
Hope you had a creative day!!

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