Friday, December 19, 2014

Painted Mason Jars using Americana Multi Surface Paint

I had a fun time last night broadcasting on USTREAM.   I was booted from their system a couple of times so I was unable to record last night's project but here it is -- a painted mason jar.

I used the new Americana Multi Surface Paint for this project.  It was designed to cover many different types of surfaces but it's crowning glory...   it is an effective glass paint - curable by baking in an oven!   Fabulous.

The poinsettia was created by stamping leaf stamps in a circle pattern as shown above (leaf stamps by Catherine Scanlon Designs).  I added 3 extra leaf stamps to be painted as green leaves to around this image as well to complete the poinsettia design.   To get the design onto the mason jar, I spread a thin layer of black Multi Surface Paint onto a craft sheet and then pressed the stamps into the paint then stamped them onto the side of a prepped mason jar (cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove any lingering oils).

Then just paint away -- The paint will go one transparently... additional coats will make it more opaque.  I used my heat gun to set the paint a bit between coats -- if you don't let it dry between coats, you will end up removing your last layer of paint.

Because I love outlining things..  and because my mother (who was watching last night) wants this mason jar for her coconut water (sure mom, I believe that!) *wink*)  I put some of the black Multi Surface Paint into a Fineline standard tip pen, doodled around the image and personalized it.

Last night I cured the jar in my oven at home as per the directions on the bottle - place in a cool over and bake at 350 for 30 mins.   Turn off and open the over door to cool. FABU!

Thanks again to those who joined me live last night...   the studio is closed on the next two Thursdays for Christmas and New Year's Day.  I will try to sneak in another broadcast over the holidays so be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter to get the notifications.   And let's hope the USTREAM people let me broadcast AND record next time!! :)

Supplies Used
Mason Jar (Dollar Store Purchase)
Americana Multi Surface Paint:  Black Tie, Lipstick, Dark Scarlet, Leprechaun, Chartreuse, School Bus (DecoArt)
Fineline Standard Tip
Paint Brushes (Simply Simmons)

Have a creative day!!

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