Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My first Applique Quilt with ScanNCut

Yes...   I did it!   And I think that it turned out okay!!! *smile*
Now...  the kid better like it!

I am taking the chance that Emily won't for some strange reason decide to see what her mother is doing at work and log onto this site the day before she's gifted this quilt for Christmas!!   Chances are??  :)

I wanted to play with all my fun Brother machines so I thought that I'd teach myself to do applique.   Easy peasy when you have the tools!   

I used the ScanNCut Machine (a couple of pre-programmed images but most I created in ScanNCut Canvas) and I embroidered on most of the squares as well -- YES!!!  I used the Dream Machine scanning feature to add some hand drawn elements and some jpgs too!   OMG..  LOVING that machine!!

Each square represents something important in her life or a place that she's been - they all have a meaning.    Thanks for looking.   I think I'm going to have to do this again soon! *wink*



Bond said...

Wow looks great, she will love it. Made with Love. Merry Christmas Karen (and family) Whoop whoop.

Sheri said...

Great job Karen! The quilt is Fabulous!