Friday, December 12, 2014

Mixed Media Winter Shadow Box - USTREAM

YAY!   Ustream let me broadcast last night!   So happy to be back.  I missed you guys!

I created this fun winter scene on a 8x8 Shadow Box Frame I got at IKEA last week (RIBBA).

The deer was cut from white vinyl on the ScanNCut machine and attached to the glass in the frame.  The background was painted on a piece of Fabriano watercolour paper by me live on ustream using some acrylic paints, stamps and some light molding paste.

Watch the recording of that LIVE broadcast here (scroll down the post and push play) or on my youtube channel.

I also wanted to show you how I created the cut file for the deer used in this project on ScanNCut canvas.  The live ustream show makes this very difficult but I hope this step out helps make this easy for all you ScanNCut users!   Don't you just love this machine??   Anyway, here's how to create that cut file....

  • 1.  Google your image.   For this project, I googled Deer Silhouette.  Find the image you'd like to use, click on the image and save it to your computer as a jpg image (right click, save as).  Be mindful of any copyright when doing this.   Unless permission is given, please use for personal projects only (not for resale)

  • 2. Log on to ScanNCut Canvas (   New users will need to register for a FREE account and provide a password.
  • 3. Start a New Project - Select the Image Tracing Tool located in the highlighted area shown below -- looks like a leaf :)
  • 4.  Choose File - I hope you remember where you saved your image!  Select the choose file button and upload your deer image.   You will want to do this in the outline mode (for outside edges, color mode finds cut lines inside your image).  Click on preview. Your cut line will be highlighted in a teal colour.
  • 5.  Resize your image - click on the deer image on your mat.  A blue box will appear around your image.  Drag and stretch your image to the size you'd like.  My deer is approx. 5 3/4" wide.
  • 6.  Download for ScanNCut - under the Project tab, select Download for ScanNCut
  • 7.  Save your Cut File - Right click on the file name (Untitled___) and select save link as.  Choose your own file name and destination (a USB Thumb Drive) and save.   

You're all set to use your cut file in the ScanNCut machine.  
Be sure to test your material/blade height before cutting.  Vinyl will only need a 1 or 2 blade setting.

HAVE FUN!!  Thanks for watching!    *smile*

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Patricia said...

What an awesome idea and I LOVE your painting!