Saturday, March 15, 2014

Neon Sharpie Infinite Scarf

True to my crafting "in real life" Ustream style ...   aka Karen made some ooopsies! giggles* - I created this fun infinite scarf to wear while I chaperoned my daughter's Glow in the Dark dance last night on

I used a faux tie dye effect that I did as a kid at camp and that has recently been seen on the Sharpie website by work done by some of their designers- Alisa Burke is one such Designer who used this effect with her signature style on some t-shirts for her and her daughter (here is a link to that blog post in case you're interested.)   My doodles here are not nearly as intricate and beautiful as Alisa's but I love this technique and have done it for other projects over the years at camps and even one for an upcoming article in the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine (Summer 2014).  The number of times I've done this makes my ooopsie all the more funny *wink*

I had so much fun with the girls watching live online last night - you'd be happy to know - IT WORKED!!  Check out this fluorescent pop!!   Yes, you could see me coming a mile away!  *wink*

See the Neon Colours??   They really do become fluorescent under black lights.   So COOL....  

Supply list for this project:

So, thanks for joining me!!    Here is a recording of last night's shenanigans!  Enjoy!

Have a creative day!

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