Friday, November 16, 2012

Blue Skies in all Art Houses...

....even when one is shaped like a mushroom.  *big smile*
This Art House was created and mailed to be by Keitha.
sure made me smile and think of the fa la la songs of my youth *giggle*

Phoebe came to my Grand Opening with this blue sky sweetie in hand:

and it seems Miss Trish not only has blue skies but some friends in her Art House!

Mental note -- wear more makeup *LOL

Love it...  and seeing Miss Donna behooves me to let you know that Donna Downey will be returning to the Studio September 2013!   Yahooooooo!  Looking forward to that. 

THANK YOU TO ALL who have sent your Art Houses to hang in the studio.  They are incredibly  inspiring and everyone loves seeing them on the wall.  Each one tells their own stories and I love it!
Wondering what this is all about?  Check out the original challenge post.

Have a creative day!

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Ava Gavloski said...

nice house of girls!!!
ava g