Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Time flies when you texturize".... USTREAM recap

LOL...  I still can't believe that came out of my mouth while on USTREAM broadcasting live last night.  LOL.  Crazy Crazy!!

I can't tell you how much fun I had simply creating again for the first time in weeks.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY missed it!

I was inspired by a youtube video posted by RachO113  - she totally got my juices flowing again after my creative (moving) hiatus.   My hands are STILL gluey.  *smile*   I am itching to create some more but I have to wait

 This morning I came into the studio to finish the piece.   I built up the left corner with some texture paste and added another cat, a lamp post and some spider embellishments and then went over them all with the silks and layered more UTEE too.   You might notice that I added some gold coloured UTEE to the canvas which, in my opinion, helped make it pop!

I added some words - "There's something strange in the neighbourhood"  (any Ghostbuster's fans out there? *wink*)  I thought it was fitting .... *smile*

Hope you like!   I put it in my front window display.....
Life is GOOD!

For those of you who would like to see how this piece came together,  here is the recorded show from USTREAM last night.  ENJOY
Video streaming by Ustream


Keren Tamir said...

wow Karen this is fantastic!! Its almost as if I can feel the texture from my computer!! awesome job!!

Karen Ellis said...

Thanks Keren! soooo much fun to do. Might just have to do another one - oh, say tomorrow *wink*