Saturday, November 12, 2011

UStream Follow Up

Hi everyone... THANK YOU to those who came online yesterday to join my USTREAM feed. So fun to "play" with you and I hope you enjoyed it! I hope you come back and join me next Friday Night at 6:30 and LOG IN to chat so we can "talk" as we play -- you can ask questions, make commennts, etc etc :)

I played with a couple of ideas from Pam Carriker's Book - Art at the Speed of Life. I really liked the two small canvases that I created using her "Care Free Paint-Over Technique". Not so sure of the "paint under" technique though -- might not be for me -- just another "floportunity" use my gesso! *wink* LOL
I did love our Toilet Paper Mold experiment... Here are the results I promised.
Using Pam's directions (details found in her book) I mixed some matte medium and water into a spray bottle and made toilet paper molds by layering sheets of TP over a rubber stamps and spraying the mixture as I went..... we tried this VERY SUCCESSFULLY with the TP but then also got inspired to try it with other fine papers.... Paper Towel and Dress Pattern Tissue. Here are the results:

Love the TP one. You can see the detail and I can't wait to use it on a future project. The Paper Towel one (which I also spritzed blue to see how it would come through) was too thick to really get into the crevasses of the stamp but you can sort of see the effect. And the Pattern Tissue -- NOPE! But it's cute *wink*
Here are the other TP ones we did. Sorry for the photo but I'm sure you can see that they all look great! THANKS PAM!! hehe

Have a creative day everyone!!! And enjoy this fabulous weekend!


Cheryl said...

Watching the recorded version. TFS a great video! Hopefully I can tune in the live the next time!

Karen Ellis said...

Hope so! Love to see you there!