Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swimmy Swim Swim little fishy

Those of you who follow me on FaceBook know that this weekend I had a little down time and felted.

Just playing around I thought I would try to create a "creature" of some sort. As my thinker was thinking, Regan and her fish plight popped in my head. You see, Regan's daughter received some fish for her birthday (something she wanted -- a pet :) ) and all last week one by one they started dying on them. So Regan was telling me about all the dead fish and a very sad little girl. I thought, that child needs a fish that won't die....so I felted it! See... one immortal fish:

complete with felted kale and in a fishbowl too. LOL
Stephen next door (dog guy) thinks I should pour resin in it and make bubbles (lol) but I'll spare you all that!

Have you felted yet? It's so much fun!
If you'd like a basic needle felting class, come on in -- it's free with purchase of the felting tools AND THEN....take a class from the expert, Carmi Cimicata. She is teaching 2 felting projects at Mixed Minded where you will not only use the same tools to felt beads and a brooch but you'll use the tools to add other fibres too! FANTASTIC!!!! I hope you join us!


Sheri said...


Regan said...

omg seeeeriously....you rock!!!

Karen Ellis said...

LOL.... :)
Sooo much fuN!

Rosanne said...

Very fun Karen!

Wendy Gilbertson said...

Cool stuff, as usual!!! i like Stephen' suggestion!

Deanna said...

I christen him Swimmy McSwimmerson!

Kelly said...

I LOVE him!!

I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

Sue said...

I'm with Sheri "OMG...I love this!!"

And I want one!