Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Wedding Day!

Hello All!!! Did you get up "at the crack of stupid" (as Tammie would say) to watch the Royal Wedding today? You know I did!

I set the alarm for 4:40 - got up and made breakfast:

  • English Breakfast Tea

  • Crumpets, Tea Biscuits and Marmalade

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Eggs and Bangers

Yep -- I'm a good mother (once a year - LOL) And I HAD to celebrate!

What a beautiful wedding!!

Today I am wearing my "Fastenator" :) If there was ever a day when a lady can wear one around town, this is it and I'm taking FULL advantage! :) Love me a "fastenator"!!

I follow a lady named Claire who writes a blog called from "blah to Ta-Da"- all about crafty recycling projects. This week she has been making Fastenators out of everyday materials. If you're interested in making your own -- check it out. Here's the link

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Regan said...

you are fabulous...where was my invite for breakfast>

Rosanne said...

Sounds wonderful! Love that fastenator!

Susan K.Weckesser said...

U know I did Lady! We had Spotted Dick and Tea (it is a real dish ladies) and wore my best!!! :)