Saturday, April 02, 2011

havin a little fun with Donna... and good eats too!

So, here I am getting ready for our next event -- SCRAPFEST in Kitchener this weekend! -- fondly thinking of our weekend with Donna Downey last week and thought I'd share these! *smile* Donna was invited to teach at a CHA Canada thing in Toronto after our event in Kitchener I needed to make sure we got there Sunday evening. Since we needed to eat and I didn't get an opportunity to take her on a tour of Toronto I figured the least I could do was kill two birds with one stone and have dinner and "show" her Toronto.... from the CN Tower that is! What fun!! We had a blast! For those who have not done this before, the CN Tower is a tourist place - they have everything from gift shops to photographers. These photos were taken before we went up the tower in front of a Green Screen. Funny enough....the photographer said we were by far the most fun couple she had that day! LOL YEAH!! mission complete!*wink* THANK YOU AGAIN DONNA!!! For everything!! We LOVED having you here and are already counting down the days until your return to our area next year (hint hint) AND I can't wait til May when I come see you at your "Inspired" event! Whoop whoop! *HUGS* ..... cause we know you're a hugger :)


Mindy said...

I know that this is not the point of the post, but I love your hair, Karen!

And it looks like you had a grand time!

Karen Ellis said...

LOL..... Thanks Mindy! :) xo

Carmi said...

OMG. The knife made me laugh out loud!!