Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi everyone!
Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas Holiday!!
I am back in the studio today -- joined by a couple of gals needing time away from family :) hehe ... I have heard from a few of you -- I think that is a trend I'll be seeing all week! If you'd like to join us, give me a call (519 954 6620) and I'll reserve some table space for you too!!

Now that I am back I can announce our Wish List Winner!!

Remember this?

Many people took advantage of my Rudolph Wish List this year. I placed the names of everyone who used this service (and had people come in to purchase things from the list) in a hat and drew

AMBER's name. Congratulations Amber !!!-- I have something from your wish list here for you to pick up in the studio.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE -- the countdown to the New Year has begun!!


Sue said...

Yeah Amber!! Hope you girls had tons of fun today!!

Kelly Holdaway said...


Carmen said...

FeliƧ any nou.

Anonymous said...

wheres the post?????