Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is Amy...

Our new cop-op Student. *smiles*
She will be here in the studio afternoons working away at whatever I tell her to. Ohhhhh the power! (Don't worry, I'll be nice. At least for a while - hehe) I hope you get the chance to drop on by, say hi and meet her soon.

Amy's not the only thing new in the studio.
Guess what came in? STAMPOTIQUE wood mounted stamps. OMG the images are so fun Check these out!!!

See.... I told you they were fun! I'm going to play with one of the stamps today. I'll post my creation when I can.
Have a creative day everyone.
ooooooooh Ammmmyyyyyyy...... I have something for you to do!!!! *wink*


Kelly said...

Aw....poor, poor Amy ;)
Actually, I'm just envious, a co-op job hanging out at the studio all afternoon - sounds like a lot of fun. Don't get lost in the back room!!

Mindy said...

Yeah really... isn't a co-op placement at the AHS like the best placement ever?! Can't believe she can get a credit for being creative and hanging out with Karen all day!! :)