Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks gals!

As you know, the studio is closed on Mondays ... so I had the chance to go visit some artsy friends. HOW FUN!!!

If you've been reading my blog -- you've already been introduced to Carmi (left) and Nancy, a photographer, jewelry and encaustic gal whose work I admire (I have one of Nancy's art pieces on display in the studio) is on the right. We had a fantastic day chatting about art and even ScrapFest because they will be there with some fun Dove of the East Product. You must go check it out!!
Anyway - I just wanted to say thanks for such a great day ladies. And Carmi ... I still want to move in. Your studio is FABULOUS!! Wiggly puppy and all *smile*
You'll be hearing more about Carmi and Nancy again soon.... there might even be an encaustic workshop in the studio's future ... just saying :)
I'm in the studio tomorrow at 11. Hope you had a great weekend!


nancy said...

what a great day! 6 hour gab-fest
about art!!!! it was so nice to finally meet you.

nancy said...

where's my lipstick!!!!

Karen Ellis said...

ROTFL.... Hey, what can I say - I may need a photoshop lesson *wink* Layers Anyone? lol