Thursday, June 25, 2009

School is out!! Yippee!! Let the summer begin!

I have it under good authority *wink* that there are only a couple of spaces left in the Go Scrapping July 6-10 day camp that I am hosting in the studio as part of the KW YMCA Specialty Day Camp Program!

Looking for something creative for the kids to do this summer...? I have 2 great weeks of camp you might be interested in: July 6- 10 and August 17 - 22. Please contact the KW YMCA for details!

I promised pictures.... come back tomorrow. I will post them -- and one of a canvas that, unless you have been in the studio to see, you don't know about yet! ooooohhhh.. the anticipation!! ;)

I was at the wholesalers today ... I am all stocked up on perfect pearls, got in some great black UTEE for some jewelry making and picked up some fun new stuff for the studio too -I think I may demo some of the new stuff at the next Dollar Store Club meeting so stay tuned!!

I will be at the studio tomorrow and Saturday and then, with the exception of parties, crops and workshops that can be independently scheduled, the studio will only be open Saturdays from 11am - 3pm (later if there is a crop). Please check the online calendar for scheduled events.

If you would like to book time at the studio to create a canvas, have a private party or crop - please contact Karen by email Have a great summer!

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Tracey said...

I am very excited to be done work for the summer! Yahoo!!

Enjoy your time at the trailer!!