Sunday, June 21, 2009

Every Dad has his day....

...and this is it! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in our lives! Hope you had a special day!

My pops was at home having some R&R time today (and we will see him next weekend) so we went to lunch with my father-in-law. It was great to see him and my brother/sister -in-law and niece! We had a great lunch together.

I created a little something for my hubby for father's day...

I have been playing with image transferring and I saw this image of a couple in a magazine. It had a caption something along the lines of - "Not now dear, I'm stamping" :) My eyes went right to it! It made me chuckle... probably because I have said something similar to my hubby a few times over the years *wink*

Anyway, I decided to create something just for him with our little saying on it "later, dear".

When I gave it to him he just stared at it and thinks he liked it :)

I transferred the image using Matte Medium that I have in the studio. It was transferred onto a piece of painted chipboard and then stamped around the edges using various stamps I had lying around :) I covered the the entire piece with melted beewax for texture and then buffed it with Perfect Pearls to give it some luster. I liked how it turned out :)

We had a great day creating in the studio this weekend. I had a few gals in scrapping and painting Friday night and then had some more girls in on Saturday for our waxy canvas workshop. I'll post pictures for that soon. I will take an image of mine and the girls are sending me photos of theirs since I neglected to take photos. sheesh!! Gotta remember to do that!! :) So more on this later!

I am in the studio all week this week. Friday Night Cropping... Saturday too! Hope to see you there!

Here's a pic of my hubby (left) and his dad and brother I did take today. Happy Father's Day hun!

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