Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting silly at the CreativFestival

....with my dear friend Katharina Doyle, co-founder of the Canadian Scrapbooker.

Love this lady and the team at the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. They sure make life fun and paper crafting INSPIRING!!!   <3 all.="" p="" them="">
Katharina and I had a great time at the CreativFestival in Toronto this weekend sharing our love of the magazine with you.   THANK YOU to everyone who took some silly selfies with us (complete with my now trademarked photobomb style - giggles).  I hope you post and tag them so we can continue to share the silliness!

They were having fun outside our booth too...   The Crochet Crowd had a display of 350 crocheted hats inspired by Alice in Wonderland for sale at the show.  These hats were true pieces of art and I am thrilled to have purchased one in support of their scholarship fund.  Yes, I'm a little tea pot...  and Kat got her Cat hat too.    Words do not describe the amount of fun we had taking pics of us in our hats.   Hummm  wonder when we can wear these again?  LOL...  Yes, Alice, Paint the Grand??  or the fall ScrapFest in Richmond Hill!!!!  I'm on it *wink*

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!  Looking forward to getting back in the studio tomorrow for some play time and classes too...    Have a create day!!

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