Friday, October 04, 2013

My little birthday girl

I knew exactly what I was going to do last night during our Art Journaling drop in night.   Well, actually, if I'm honest.... it was between 2 things.   1) a page spread with a sketched and "twinked" birthday cake on it along with some affirmations and goals for my upcoming year.  (yes, today is my birthday and I can "officially" say that I am in my 40s ---  not just 40, I'm now forty something..  LOL)  and the other, the one that I actually got a chance to do, was a PanPastel face for my faces journal.

It's my goal to learn how to make, and get comfortable with, more realistic looking faces -- like the ones Miss Kathy does here in the studio every other week.   I am in awe with her talent and have always wanted to learn more from her.  Last night was my opportunity.   I consider her instruction to be a cherished gift ...  no matter how much of a fuss I made throughout the process!  LOL LOL...  I really like how "my little birthday girl" turned out but I must keep practicing  .... because she still doesn't look like my mentor's!  *wink*  Thanks again for your time, instruction and patience, Kathy!!  Best birthday gift ever (but don't tell my daughter that or I may not get breakfast in bed ever again *wink*)

I will be broadcasting tonight!   Don't forget to watch live at 6:30 EST on my USTREAM channel 
Have a creative day!


Dana said...

She's amazing Karen! I wonder if I could get Kathy to come to the states for my birthday.. lol! Happy belated birthday btw =0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday. I am in awe of your art. Someday I will join you on journal night. (hehe)
Oh my birthday is the 6th. I can say I am 60 something. LOL Hope you enjoyed your birthday..


Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen, it was great to do a little teaching again, you were a great student! Now get practicing! LOL..

Ann C said...

Happy Birthday! Love your girl!