Friday, August 02, 2013

Floral Whirlpools of Colour - USTREAM

Yes, Floral Whirlpools of Colour -- you may insert eyeroll here.  Apparently I was having a hard time naming this piece and got a little silly.   Kathy's here....  I'll blame her!  *smile*

Had another wonderful evening painting with the peeps on USTREAM.   Thank you to all who joined me.

Off for a fabulous long weekend.   Jen will be in on Saturday (Aug 3) from at least 10 - 2.   Looks like I have to keep this painting here in the studio for a bit anyway -- since it's raining.  SO -- if you're interested in coming to see it in person  you have a chance! (Yes, I'm talking to you Nancy! hehe)  *update - it stopped raining so I took it home :)  )

Here's the recording .  Have a great weekend!!

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