Saturday, May 11, 2013

Painting and Streaming.....

I had so much fun being back "on air" via USTREAM last night.    I missed you guys!!

I just needed to paint - and paint I did.

This is a 24x36 stretched canvas I painted using acrylic paints, montana paint pens and a little bit of Silks too!

There were technical difficulties on USTREAM last night - I was booted once and there were big lags BUT it was still very fun to just PAINT!

Thank you to all who joined me live.

Next week at the studio:   Tuesday 1pm I will be teaching "Do More of What Makes You Happy 2" (with photo transfers and words).  If you'd like to join us, you are welcome.  Simply email me to let you know you'd like to attend.

Thursday is Journal Night.   Space is available for this evening's gathering.  Please let me know if you are coming -- so I can make sure there is ample table space for all *smile*

Have a creative weekend!


Jill said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!! So colorful and energizing!

Kia said...

(Just booted myself out of the comments!)

It's beautiful Karen. Did you change the colour of the green flowers? Because it looks different - or is that just a function of the different media?

Missed you too on Ustream. Any minor technical difficulties are worth the art and company.


Karen Ellis said...

Hi Gillian,
didn't change the flowers other than adding the doodling I said I was going to do. I DID HOWEVER, add red around the outside edges to highlight them. That's what it needed IMHO :)

Great to be back!
And thanks for the comments to both you and Jill!! ;)

KellyCreates said...

LOVE the colours ....the punch of green and powerful shapes! Someday volleyball season will be over and I will sit down with you on a Friday evening :) lol