Monday, December 10, 2012

Just a little photo shoot....

On Friday I had a GREAT time with my photographer Holly (Photos by Holly) at a photo shoot for some new head shots, photos for my new website (coming soon - I hope) and for some online projects soon to be announced.     Whoo Hoo!  BUT, oh good golly....  I think I should not have had that "hit" of cold meds   (can you tell I was sick for a couple of weeks?)  - or is that really me?  LOL  What's life without a few smiles, eh???

Thanks Holly!!   
Love the pics!!
If you live in the Waterloo Region you should really consider trusting Holly with your photographs - Family AND Business!   She's awesome  - can you tell I highly recommend her?  We've used her services for all our family photos for a few years now.   Treasure them all!

Have a creative day everyone!


Tracey said...

AMAZING photos Karen!! I would say these look like the Karen we all know and love....are you always on cold meds LOL?!?!

Karen Ellis said...

LOL... one would think so ;) Glad you like. I'm always thrilled with the photos we get with Holly !