Friday, February 10, 2012

USTREAM follow up - Happiness is finding solutions...

Okay .. it was an interesting night. I think if it could go wrong it did. Amusing? Depends on if it's you doing it! LOL Awe... shucks... It was fun.

So what did I learn....?
1) When spritzing doilies, make sure to LIFT (not slide) if you don't want smear the ink
2) Always heat set your ink (even archival) before applying Pan Pastel (Smudge!)
3) Drawing/Doodling comes naturally accept when you're recording
4) WiFi access is not reliable
5) Keep your fingers out of the paint if you're not finger painting
6) Make sure you're ink is dry before stamping an image for embossing -- embossing powder will stick to everything
7) .... there was more I'm sure.... Oh, here's one from "off camera"
8) When framing your piece, make sure it's right side up! See... Yes, this was my first kick at the can. Why should that go smoothly?! LOL
So, last night was one of those nights... but I had fun anyway and I love my little fishies for the tables at the retreat at the end of the month. Totally cute. And I created something with white space! yay me!! I never do that. LOL
Have a creative day everyone!!

The last of the recordings ( there are 3 because of the internet loss...) The rest can be found on

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Trish said...

It sure was fun though. And it turned out great. Success!!! I love the masked heart.