Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Love Art Journaling!

Thank you girls for a lovely night "arting" at the studio!

As you know, last night was Art Journaling Night and this month our inspirational artist was Dina Wakely. Did you check out that video montage? :)

Anyway, Deanna gave the girls a little tutorial on how she uses Dina's process in her art journaling and then we were "set loose" to create in our own books. Here's how she does it-

First paint your page with gesso

then use some edging tools to create lines and texture in the wet gesso. Here she is using a comb
and here she is using a metal stylus tool (I have those here and use them for my metal art - yay, I like multi functional tools! *smile*)
Let it dry (or dry with a heat tool)

and then wash paint over it. you can use a contrasting colour over the original paint layer to get in the cracks of the etched gesso (but make sure the first layer is dry first)

Then play play play. Layer with paints, colour washes and spritzes. Here is one of Deanna's backgrounds. See the texture? Very cool

I was "on a roll" LOVING my New Colour Wash Sprays that arrived in the studio this week. You know me and texture and layers! I think I have next month's Technique of the Month Gals....cause I'll be doing this A LOT!! hehe)

The leaves on this one are done using light molding paste. The colour wash seeped through it -- I LOVE IT!!!! Such a happy finding!!
Can you see the gesso etchings?? There are lines in this one and all about the circles in the one above.
This one is super cool too!

Thanks Deanna!!!! ....And Dina Wakely for the inspiration. Now, what to journal about?!

Have a creative day everyone!!


Regan said...

so cool..I cannot do this..I would make a hot mess

Jeannie said...

LOVE this ... I must get back to my journal - it's still in the incomplete stage it was when I left your place last fall. Oops.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

This Journal looks fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~

Paula Phillips said...

Oh so wonderful! I've been recently published in Somerset Art Journaling mag and would so love to join you! I can't drive unfortunately. I look forward to more posts.
Much Love

Wendy Gilbertson said...

Will you be getting more art journals in the studio from Donna Downey? Please send one to me if you ever do!