Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pictures as promised

Can't take a camera class and then not post pictures!!

So... please remember, I AM LEARNING.... can't wait to get back out there today to snap some more pics. Must go exploring! I'm at my trailer today and tomorrow so I have lots of picture taking possibilities ... hummmmmm.... where to go first!?

Without further ado: Here are a few of my pictures from our class outing. THANKS SUE! Loved having you in the studio and would love to have you back in the fall for another class. Get your calendar out!!! *wink* Another thank you goes out to all who attended this class too. You were a fun group and I hope you got as much out of the class as I. PLEASE send me your pics! Love to see!!

1 comment:

Sue Sykes said...

Your photos turned out fantastic! I had so much fun - thanks for having me!

And I'd love to come back in the fall!!